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Welcome to The Devilish Winks's official web page!  

The Devilish Winks' debut self-titled full length album was self-released on Halloween 2014 in CD format, and went live on iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify and many more digital music stores the same day!  We are so proud of this album.  Take some time to listen to Inside the Chaplain's Mind and Wintertime In Chicago, the first and second tracks on The Devilish Winks, which is also available in the store at this website right here...whoa!  Yes, we know.  It's pretty sweet.

Someone recently told us after a show that our genre is haunt rock, and we tend to think that's the best description so far, so we're sticking with it...haunt rock.  Not that there aren't songs full or brightness or hope, because there certainly are.

While it's said that Neil Huff (acoustic guitar, vocals), Sandy Van Laningham (keyboard, vocals), Dave Keller (electric guitars), Dov Turner (clarinet, alto saxophone), Rudy Bless (bass), and Nick Christiansen (drums, vocals) are themselves the Winks, the real truth is different.

The Devilish Winks are the songs themselves.  
Each one an invitation, mysterious or playful, to the world of each one.

Have fun in the 10 worlds we created for this record!

Much Love, 

P.S. Our 2nd album is pretty much already written, look out for it in 2016!
P.P.S. We love you.

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